Thursday, March 19, 2015

Barrier Training part 2

Proofing your barrier:
Once your dog recognizes and respects the barrier you have set for him, it is time to start proofing your dog. This means temping your dog to cross the barrier with many desirable items and situations, and rewarding him with something even more desirable when he doesn't cross the barrier. As with everything in dog training, starting slow is very important. Throw low value treats, like dry kibble, over the boarder while you feed your dog something of higher value like fresh meat. I would highly advise not using kibble as a reward, as this is usually not very motivating and you will have a harder time being successful with your dog.
After your dog understands what you are asking of him, start throwing a different variety of objects over the barrier. Toys, higher value treats, anything that might temp your dog, all the while clicking and rewarding your dog for doing the right thing.
If your dog does happen to cross the barrier, simply call him back and reward him for coming to the right side of the boarder. If your dog is persistent about crossing the barrier, you may try a different approach and correct him with a no before making him come back, or call him back but do not reward until he tries the previous behavior again and succeeds.
Remember to always set your dog up for success, go slow and only test him when you know he can succeed.
Over time you should be able to work towards being able to stimulate and excite your dog and have him still respect the barrier.For example, with a game of fetch you get your dog focused on the ball, and throw it over the barrier. After many training sessions and building up to this moment, your dog should be able to stop in his tracks at the boarder and wait for further instruction from you,
Here is part 2 of video tutorials explaining, much better than I ever could, how to teach this slightly more complex concept to your dog.

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